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We have many first steps in our lives. Our actual first steps. Our first day at school. Our first day of work. And most importantly, our first steps we take together as a married couple. As a photographer, I try to put myself into the shoes of the couple as they take these first steps to capture the emotions they are feeling.

Hello, my name is Troy Garrett, owner and principal photographer for Garrett Photography. I have been providing photography services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC for 9 years. I am very grateful that you have taken time to visit my website. As you can see by the pictures, photography is what I do. While I could sit here and write all kinds of things about me, I feel it's best that we get to know each other in a personal setting so we can establish a working relationship. So pick up the phone, give me a call and let's discuss your event. Thank you again for taking time to visit.

Troy Garrett

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Guestbook for Garrett Photography
9.Robert Bob Lalas
I really like this website it has a lot of pictures that inspire me to work hard and become professional like you. Thank you very much you make my day great.
8.Darelle "Mr. OohRah" Joiner(non-registered)
Awesome Job Troy! Wow and Wow again!!
7.Pauletta Brown(non-registered)
This is an awesome website!'s my nephew's! GREAT WORK Troy! Can't wait to see Nana & Steve's "Special Day!"
The website looks good. Congratulations... I may need you to photograph our children... ASAP.
I will spread the word and try to bring business your way as well. I admire your Entrepreneurial Spirit.
*PS Now what's the recipe for that ICE Tea concoction, when you used to cater? :)